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Best Art Schools in New York | Art College Rankings in New York City

art schools in new york

New York is a Mecca for artists. Learn the best art schools in New York City: from fine art schools to photography to graphic design, we review NYC art colleges.

Bright lights, big city: the raging metropolis of New York quite frankly has it all.  New York is whispered in art circles with an almost outer-worldly reverence.  Artists know that the latest and the greatest developments in the American art scene are taking place in the middle of the Big Apple.  With hundreds, even thousands, of art galleries, live theater, historic Broadway, night clubs, performing centers, huge businesses, sleek advertising agencies, and one of the most fast-paced lifestyles in the world, the city of New York can quickly become overwhelming for a prospective art student.

While the Big Apple can sometimes be hard to swallow, art students will find that this city acts as a one-stop shop for all their art needs.  Artists can begin their education in New York City and find lifelong employment without leaving the state.  Whether you aspire to be a Broadway star, a film producer, a graphic designer or an interior decorator, New York has everything you need to get started and eventually succeed.

Art Schools In New York: Where To Start

Because New York is so huge, packing over eight million people into very cramped quarters, the hardest part about deciding on a school in New York is deciding where to start in your search.  New York’s art schools offer courses and degrees in almost every are of the fine arts imaginable.  Before searching for the perfect New York art school, ask yourself some simple questions:

Am I looking for a general education in art or a specific, focused education? Some art schools in New York expose students to a wide variety of artistic expression.  Others like the Tisch School of the Arts focus on either performing arts or film and television.

What am I looking for in an art school?  Are you looking for a school with the latest in technology and advanced methods?  Do you want a school with renowned instructors who are leaders in their particular field?  Do you need a school that offers future planning assistance?  There are schools in New York that offer some of these things or all of these things.  A little research goes a long way.

Do I want to attend school in New York City or outside of New York City?  This question is very important.  Schools within New York City are harder to get in to and will cost much more.  If a reasonable proximity to New York City is enough for you, you may wish to consider schools in other parts of the state.

How long do I want to be in school?  This question is a little tricky in New York.  Many students enroll in an education program in New York city and are quickly met with an opportunity that cannot be passed up.  In these instances, several students opt not to complete their education in lieu of pursuing a career immediately.  Still, it’s important to know how much schooling you want.

Fine Art Schools in New York

The fine arts are revered in New York City.  Radio City Music Hall, Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and thousands of other night clubs, concert venues, performance halls, and recording studios employ people who make their living off the fine arts.  The schools in New York City are dedicated to producing the finest artists in the world.  With instructors who possess a wealth of knowledge, direct access to some of the leading artists of our time, and hands-on experience in the hub of the American fine arts, students who pursue a career in the fine arts will find that there is no better place to begin than by attending a school dedicated to the fine arts in New York City.

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