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Best Art Schools in Minnesota: Top Ranked Minnesota Art Colleges

art schools in minnesota

Discover the best art schools in Minnesota with rankings of top interior design, graphic design & film schools in Minnesota.

Art students, get out your maps of the United States.  When a not-for-profit company polled a sample of high school graduates, the state of Minnesota was one of the most frequently missed states in a United States identification quiz.  Easily forgotten, Minnesota doesn’t have an eye-catching monument, glamorous profile, or hectic reputation.  Minnesota is known for its quaint style, chilly winters, and sprawling countryside.  Don’t let that reputation fool you.  While Minnesota is content to step aside and let California take the limelight, it too offers a wide variety of options for students of art.

The state may fade into the background, but the job outlook and market predictions of Minnesota speak for themselves.  Because of Minnesota’s low profile, it has one of the most promising job markets for artists.  Graphic design jobs, video game design jobs, interior design and decorating jobs, and animation jobs are all projected to grow in the state of Minnesota in the next decade.  While many Americans are fleeing for the coast, Minnesotans find themselves in need of artists now, more than ever.

Art Schools in Minnesota

Like most of the lower forty-eight states, the state of Minnesota has a wide variety of state and private schools with options for art students.

Schools in Minnesota offer courses in:

  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia
  • Web Design
  • Animation
  • Video Game Design
  • Film
  • Fashion
  • Interior Design

Students aren’t limited in their choices when they choose an academic institution in Minnesota.  Instead, they find themselves enrolled in smaller, more personal universities with more intimate class settings and greater personal attention.  This personal attention translates quickly to more learning, better feedback, and more extensive preparation for a career in the fine arts.  Students who require more personal attention in schooling would do well to consider Minnesota as a potential location for art education.  While the huge, fast-paced universities of cities like Los Angeles or New York might overwhelm said students, a smaller, more personal Minnesotan university might provide the attention needed for success.

Students looking for an education in graphic design should consider Brown College in Mendota Heights and Brooklyn Center in Minnesota.  This college was founded in the late 1940s and is one of the most highly rated private colleges in the United States.  With the latest technology and advanced equipment, students will receive a top-rated education in web design, graphic design, or advertising design.

The Art Institute, one of the leading nationwide institutes in the country, also has a campus in Minnesota.  This institute has locations in states nationwide; therefore, the quality of education is very nearly guaranteed to be excellent.  Students attending the Art Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota will receive an almost identical education to those attending the New York or Los Angeles campuses.  For those wishing to stay in the Midwest and avoid the hectic coastal regions, the Art Institute is a reasonable choice.

Interior Design Schools in Minnesota

Students searching for education in interior design can find great accredited programs in Minnesota.  Alexandria Technical College as well as the Art Institutes provide courses in interior design, kitchen and bath design, lighting design, set design and exhibit design.  Hopeful interior designers will find a great education quality in the state of Minnesota.

Film Schools in Minnesota

Film isn’t only found in Hollywood.  Great film schools with incredible resources and expert instructors can be found in the Midwest: more specifically, in Minnesota.  The Art Institute in Minneapolis has a renowned film program that gives students access to the latest in film equipment and film-making theory as well as the opportunity to study the history of film and the technical aspects of film production that will set your craft apart.

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