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Best Art Schools in Los Angeles: Rankings of Top Rated LA Art Colleges

art schools in los angeles

Art schools in Los Angeles are an artists dream! Learn the top Los Angeles art schools with reviews of LA film, interior design & graphic design schools in LA!

Los Angeles is truly a city of angels.  With a reputation in America as the city with the most exotic, celebrated, and fancy lifestyles west of the Mississippi River, Los Angeles receives hundreds of thousands of tourists each year: people looking for the best in shopping, the best in fine dining, and the best in luxurious beachfront sun tanning.  Because Los Angeles’ cup is overflowing with culture and pizzazz, this city is also home to some of the finest art institutes and art schools in the United States.

The West Coast has, for decades, held an inexplicable draw over the American people.  As such, its cultural and artistic makeup is extremely rich and diverse.  This diversity makes Los Angeles a great place for establish a career in the arts.  The universities and art institutes of Los Angeles are dedicated to assisting individuals in their endeavors to become great artists.  With scores of secondary education programs featuring emphases on all the various arts, students are sure to find a program that will fit their specific needs.

Art Schools in Los Angeles

The schools in Los Angeles are packed to the gills with hopeful, talented students from across the globe.  Students are drawn, not only to the superb quality of education that these schools provide, but the unique opportunities that the city itself provides to budding artists.  Los Angeles is home to many opportunities for artists:

The Fashion Industry: fashion has a permanent home in the city of Los Angeles.  From costume design at the many Hollywood sets to high fashion garments sold on Rodeo drive, the fashion of Los Angeles is unmatched anywhere else in the country.

The Film Industry: Los Angeles’ claim to fame is the bright and bold Hollywood sign.  Film enthusiasts will enjoy being in the heart of America’s film industry.  Hollywood offers thousands of job opportunities for film artists.

The Photography Industry: From fashion photo shoots to film set scouting photographers, photography is growing in Los Angeles.

The Performing Arts: Film is not the only performing industry that has found a home in Los Angeles.  Artists attending schools for live theater will find ample opportunity to showcase their talents in the city of Los Angeles

Visual Arts: Home to hundreds of galleries, museums, and fine art centers, Los Angeles is a perfect place for a young artist to gain recognition.  By studying in Los Angeles, students have a front row seat to the world of modern art.

Music Arts: From concert halls and performing venues to street musicians, Los Angeles art students will be exposed to every kind of music imaginable.

Top Art Schools in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is proud to support the best of the best within its own city limits.  Some of the top art schools in the nation and even the world can be found in the heart of Los Angeles.  Artists have found the Otis College of Art and Design to be one of the top art schools in the country.  Their alumni list alone is impressive, revealing graduates that have gone on to secure careers in almost every major artistic field.  Whether a student is seeking a degree in architecture and exterior design or wants to design the next hot toy, the Otis College of Art and Design has courses, instructors, and the latest materials to help that student start his or her career.

The Otis College of Art and Design offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, but this accredited school also offers a Masters of Fine Arts: one of the most highly coveted fine arts degrees.

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