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Best Art Schools in Florida: Ratings of Art Colleges in Florida

Florida has numerous top ranking art colleges. Discover the best art schools in Florida here, including University of Florida’s art program & online art courses.

There is, perhaps no greater tourism draw in the United States than beautiful and sunny Florida.  Florida is famous for its exciting theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios, beautiful condos, glorious beaches, and happening night life.  While Florida has gained a reputation for a hangout for “snowbirds,” senior citizens looking to escape the harsh winter weather, the population of Florida is quite varied.  Art students, however, are less concerned about roller coasters and rip tides and more concerned with the high-quality art schools boasted by the state of Florida.

The Art Schools in Florida

While it may be true that Florida’s biggest draw is family friendly fun, there are legitimate educational opportunities to be found in the Sunshine State.  Art students who are actively seeking a top-notch art education will not be disappointed in Florida.  The Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton, Florida is great for those wishing to pursue careers in graphic design or digital animation.  Other schools like the Artquest School of Art and Design or the Art Center in Sarasota boast a wider variety of intensive art classes and art education.  Of course, Florida is also home to branches of The Art Institute and the International Academy of Design and Technology.  With such a wide variety of academic institutions to choose from, students are practically guaranteed to find a school that will assist them in their artistic endeavors.

Floridians, an affectionate term for natives of the Sunshine State, know exactly why art students are flocking to their state.  Florida has many qualifications that art students are actively seeking when considering an institute of higher learning:

  • Beautiful vistas, beachfronts, and natural terrains which provide inspiration
  • Hundreds of galleries and museums featuring modern and classical art
  • Galleries seeking new material to display from up-and-coming artists
  • Bustling metropolises with a myriad of art-related job opportunities
  • Animation studios such as Walt Disney Studios that provide job opportunities

Performing Art Schools in Florida

Art students know that the visual arts such as design, animation, painting, sculpting, etc. aren’t the only art forms being pursued by young artists.  The performing arts are prevalent in Florida.  Theme parks and aquariums have jobs available for young performing artists.  Walt Disney World, in fact, offers work study programs where students can take courses in the performing arts while gaining real-world experience in the performing industry.  Many cruise lines also depart from ports in Florida.  These cruise lines are an excellent source of work for performing artists.  Most cruise ships have three or four variety shows that require a cast of up to forty unique and talented individuals.  With competitive pay and tantalizing perks (you’re performing in the Caribbean!), the cruise industry is often a viable choice for performing artists. 

Additionally, there are scores of schools and institutions of learning that have programs focused on the performing arts.  Florida Atlantic University Conservatory of Music, for example, boasts a renowned theater arts program that hundreds of students benefit from each semester.  The International Institute of Design and Technology satellite campus in Florida also has programs for the performing arts.

The University of Florida, Of Course

We can’t fail to mention the University of Florida in our discussion of top-rated, well-equipped, and world-renowned institutes of higher learning.  The University of Florida is home to some of the top individuals in the artistic realm.  With expert instruction, state of the art technology, and the most up to date methods of art production in the nation, the University of Florida is a great place for artists to start their careers.  The University of Florida offers courses in traditional art media as well as graphic design, animation, and the performing arts.

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