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Best Art Schools in Florence: Ratings of Art Courses in Florence Italy

art schools in florence

Artists dream of attending one of the best art schools in Florence. Discover the top ranking campus colleges & online art courses offered in Florence, Italy.

Florence, Italy is one of the most popular tourist sites in the entire world.  Here, tourists flock from all over the globe to view the beatiful sights, delectable cuisine, and bustling cultural life of the native Florentines. 

Florence is home to the Duomo, an architecturally historic church painted with beautiful colors and a jaw-dropping interior.  Michelangelo’s David statue is also carefully guarded within the Florence city walls.  The statue receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.  The streets of Florence are filled with young, hopeful artists trying to further their education and experience by drawing from the creativity-inspiring sights and sounds of the Florentine streets.  When these artists aren’t painting pedestrians, sketching statues, or drawing the Duomo, they are receiving the world’s best education in one of Florence’s renowned educational institutions.

The Art Schools in Florence

While Florence may be known, to the layman, as a beautiful place for great pasta, delicious gelato, and high-quality patent leather products, the artist knows that Florence is the home to some of the greatest artists humanity has ever seen.  Because of this rich artistic history, many of the greatest living artists have made it their mission to educate the next generation in the heart of Italy’s Tuscan region.  Universities that teach in both Italian and English are located in Florence, Italy, with programs that range in duration from one year to four.

Many education opportunities in Florence are geared toward traveling students on a minimal budget.  Some schools offer jobs as teaching assistants, administrative assistants, or grading assistants to help offset the cost of tuition.  The colleges and universities in Florence also often have their own housing developments, offering students low-cost housing within walking distance of the university.  These small endeavors are enabling many students to pursue an education in beautiful Florence for a fraction of the cost.  Financial aid is sometimes available at many of these universities, as well.

Because of the wide variety of art forms present in Florence, many students are surprised by the wealth of different opportunities provided at the art schools in Florence, Italy.  These schools offer unique art courses in a variety of media, such as:

  • Computer and Graphic Design
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Jewelry
  • Engraving and Embossing
  • Precious Stone Work
  • Interior Design
  • Restoration of Historic Art
  • Gallery Management

The opportunities found in Florence are unique when compared to the generic education offered in many other parts of the world.  The Lorenzo de Medici, for example, allows students to study art history and classic art techniques while teaching them the intricasies of gallery management and art restoration.  This unique education structure prepares students to manage their own art gallery or work restoring historic art for gallery display. 

Art Courses in Florence

Because of Florence’s unique location, the art courses in Florentine institutes are very different than those in the States.  Instead of studying Michelangelo’s David via pictures and videos, you will walk within five feet of the towering statue and sketch it from life.  Instead of discussing the theory of artistic architecture, you will view it as you walk to and from the universities.  Because Florence is home to the innovations of art, students experience art in a more direct and personal way than can be achieved in the United States.

The courses offered at Florentine schools such as the Florence University of the Arts and Arts.E may be different than what American art students are used to.  These schools structure their education in shorter, but more intense, periods of study.  The education received in these programs may be more practical in nature, pulling students out of the classroom and into the heart of the city where they will sketch, paint or sculpt the beauty seen around them.

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