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Best Art Schools in California: Rankings of Art Colleges in California

Art schools in California expose you to the industry’s best! Our California art college rankings include fashion, design & fine art schools in California.

It’s sunny.  It’s warm.  The beaches are beautiful; the culture is exotic; the night life is hip and happening.  For young people, a life in fashionable California is considered the epitome of high-class living.  With its near-perfect climate, increasing young adult population, and cultural smorgasbord, California is filled with opportunities for young professionals of all social backgrounds and future aspirations.  People from all over the globe are flocking to sunny California for a variety of reasons: one of those reasons is this state’s extensive collection of professional, world-renowned artistic institutes of education.

The Art Schools In California

California has always been considered a state of glamour.  From its origins as a hub for the gold rush, California has set itself apart as a bustling location for entrepreneurs and artists.  Boasting the largest population of any state in the United States and the third largest area, California clearly has a lot to offer.  The state is home to colleges and universities offering degrees and educational programs in nearly every form of artistic expression!  Some of the art schools in California are dedicated to fields such as:

  • Film
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Modern Art
  • Art History
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • And much, much more

Because of California’s wide variety of citizens who come from different cultural, economic, and social backgrounds, the variety of education offered in this state promises to hold something to fit anyone’s needs.  Schools vary greatly in cost, time commitment, education quality, education specialization, career opportunities, technology, and admission requirements.  Those who wish to pursue a college career in California are in good company: over 250,000 individuals graduate from California institutions every single year!  If you are considering furthering your education in the great state of California, it is important to perform extensive research to find the best school for you.

When beginning your search, consider these significant questions:

  • Where in California would I like to be located?  California is huge.  Its terrain ranges from mountainous forests to sunny, hot beaches.  California has bustling cities, sprawling farmland, and quaint oceanfront towns.  A college in Southern California may provide a completely different experience than one in Northern California
  • What art form do I want to pursue?  Do you want a general education in many art forms or a specialized period of instruction in one field?
  • What are the qualifications for admission?  Many specialized schools in California require an extensive portfolio for admission?
  • What career opportunities and guidance am I hoping to gain from my California art education?  You can find information about job placement and preparation on the school’s website or in its brochure.
  • What is the education style like?  Because California is so large and varied, its universities range from large schools with enormous class sizes to small, specialized institutes with one-on-one education time.  Decide what style of education you prefer.

Design Schools in California

The Art Institue of California and The International Academy of Design and Technology, are two of the largest educational institutes dedicated to graphic design and animation education.  Both of these institutes have campuses in California.  Here, students will have access to the latest equipment and technology as well as instruction from knowledgable and professional instructors.  These schools have campuses across the country, and the quality of education is unmatched.  For graphic design students looking for a great education and almost-guaranteed employment, the California campuses of these institutions are a great choice.

Fashion Schools In California

California is one of the fashion hubs of the world.  Some of the greatest designers and clothing manufacturers feature their artistic creations in California.  California College of the Arts’ Fashion Design program is one of the best-rated programs in the nation.  Here, students will receive expert education ranging from the history of fashion to learning new techniques of the industry.

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