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Best Art Schools in Boston: Rankings of Boston Art Colleges

art schools in boston

Discover the top rated art schools in Boston as we review animation, graphic design, interior design & fashion schools in Boston & Cambridge, MA.

Boston is, perhaps, one of the most intrinsically important cities in the United States.  Boston’s unique cultural history serves as a microcosm of America.  Culturally and ethnically diverse, Boston is home to some of the most unique and beautiful works of art in the nation.  While its biggest claim to fame may be the infamous Boston Tea Party wherein patriots dressed like Native Americans tossed kegs of tea into the Boston Harbor, artists know that Boston today is a creative playground for the visual arts. 

The Art Schools In Boston

Because of its cultural diversity, Bostonians have produced some of the most important art in American history.  Much of this art can be found in the scores of art galleries that pepper the streets of this beautiful city.  Art students from all over the world flock to this American treasure to view the wide variety of art featured in its beautifully maintained galleries.  The sights and landmarks that are not art-related still provide artists with unique inspiration and a perfect backdrop for creating beautiful, lasting works of art. 

Boston is home to over twenty different schools and institutes of art.  The finest students attend art universities in Boston and for good reason.  With a population of under a million, Boston still keeps its quaint and charming atmosphere: a perfect setting for the up-and-coming artist.  Some of the most widely recognized art schools in Boston are:

  • The New England Institue of Art at Boston
  • Gibbs College in Boston
  • The Heartwood College of Art
  • The Massachusetts College of Art
  • The Art Institue of Boston
  • The School of the Museum of Fine Arts

This is only a small sampling of the many institues of art offered to hopeful stuents in the beautiful city of Boston.  One of the reasons these schools are so very popular is their emphasis on assisting students in finding profitable art careers upon graduation.  Many of these schools feature a curriculum rich in graphic design and computer instruction: a skill that more and more employers are valuing in an artist.  The schools feature programs, instruction, seminars, and expos that are specifically designed to promote an artist’s unique body of work and allow them to gain recognition for their unique talents and abilities.

Animation Schools in Boston

For artists wishing to specifically tailor their art education toward a career in animation, Boston is the perfect location to find a college dedicated to careers in animation.  Of the many art schools in Boston, several have specified instruction plans that teach students about digital and hand-drawn animation techniques. 

Lesley University is one of the top-rated animation colleges in the country.  Located in historic Boston, this college is privately owned and is a non-profit establishment.  This school, equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, has both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s program that emphasize animation arts.  These programs are guaranteed to provide animation art students with the best possible education.  Graduates of the Lesley University and other Boston-located colleges of animation have gone on to successful careers as animators for Nickelodeon, Disney, Pixar, and video game industries.

Fashion Schools in Boston

Boston is home to some of the most renowned traditional art schools in the country and even the world, but this beautiful city is also home to schools that specialize in the art education of the fashion industry.  Those wishing to find careers as fashion designers will find schools devoted to fashion education as well as galleries that are dedicated to showcasing work of talented individuals in the fashion industry.  If exotic locations such as Paris and Rome are not financial possibilities for a fashion design student, he or she can find a successful career-launching education in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts.

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