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Considering art school online? You’re not alone! 1000s get an art education online! Come in & find a drawing, photography or graphic design school for you.

The internet has drastically changed the world.  Almost every element of life has been changed beyond recognition by the development of the internet and web-based programs.  The arts are no exception to this dramatic change.  Today, artists are finding employment via the web, designing artistic projects using technology rather than paintbrushes, and discovering a world that is rapidly expanding as the myriad uses of the internet continue to gain popularity. 

Today, art students can even attend an accredited art institute or university from the comfort of their own homes.  Many art institutes are offering online courses that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  If you are considering a degree in the fine arts, you may wish to also consider pursuing your degree online.  There are many benefits to an online degree.

Benefits of Art School Online

Attending any accredited university via online courses offers a variety of incredible benefits to both the student and the school.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Lower costs.  In today’s harsh economy, saving money in any way possible is always a plus.  Attending school online eliminates the costs of room and board fees.  Travel expenses are also eliminated.  Often, the cost of an online degree is considerably less than a degree achieved in the classroom.  The school does not have to provide learning materials, classrooms, or other costly materials.
  • Flexibility.  Many students simply cannot afford to attend school full-time.  Attending an online university gives you the flexibility to hold a part-time or even full-time job while pursuing your career.
  • Personal Attention.  Unlike a physical classroom, students enrolled in online courses often get specific, individual time with a professor or instructor.  Your instructor can communicate with you directly via e-mail.  Many students value this personal instruction.
  • Legitimacy.  Unlike in years past when an online degree was looked down upon, most employers are recognizing the value of an online degree in potential employees.  Online degrees require discipline and determination, qualities admired by potential employers.

Art Education Online

Many art students are surprised to learn that they can achieve an accredited degree from a superb university without ever setting foot on a college campus.  The art field has gladly embraced the opportunities provided by online education, and students can earn an art degree from the comfort of their own homes.

Students enrolled in online art school classes will complete many of the same tasks as students who attend on-campus.  They will hear lectures and receive instruction and will also submit art projects for peer review and instructor assessment.  Some schools require students to have special equipment such as a photo scanner.  Check with your desired art school to see what they require.  These programs vary in length and many programs can be adjusted to fit your particular schedule.  An online art degree is a great option for today’s busy yet determined artist.

Photography School Online

One of the most popular online art degrees is a special course program emphasizing photography.  Photographers today are finding employment at an alarming rate.  The photograph has, in many cases, completely replaced the need for paintings and sculptures.  Many employers find that their needs for creative and talented photographers exceeds their need for any other type of artist.  If you are passionate about photography, an online program may be perfect for you.

Because of the digital transformations that photography has made in the past decade, attending photography school online is easier than ever.  Students simply upload their photography projects online and their work is assessed and graded by a knowledgeable professor.  These courses are often short in duration yet challenging.  Attending photography school online is a great way to jump-start your career as a world-class photographer.

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