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Best Art School in Italy: Reviews & Rankings of Italian Art Colleges

art school in italy

Attending art school in Italy exposes you to the top artistic minds worldwide. We’ve ranked Italian art schools for fashion design, photography & other fields.

Italy is known for its rich artistic history.  The artistic leaps and bounds made by historical Italian geniuses is unmatched anywhere in the world.  From sculptors to painters to architectural designers and even culinary geniuses, Italy is the hub for artistic progress in our modern world.  If you are seeking a creativity-inspiring place to learn about a wide variety of artistic ventures, Italy may be the perfect location to further your education.

Art School In Italy: Why?

It’s true that the United States of America has some of the top art schools and institutions in the world.  Why, then, would you choose to uproot your entire life and seek an art education on the other side of the planet?  Thousands of hopeful art students are flocking to the heart of Italy because of its centuries-old tradition of rich art heritage.  Italy has produced some of the most famous artists in history:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci, creator of the famous Mona Lisa and Last Supper paintings
  • Michelangelo, creator of the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel and the towering statue of David, perhaps the most famous statue in existence
  • Donatello, famous for his carved doors
  • Raphael, known for his School of Athens painting in the Vatican Museum

These four artists are not to be confused with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of the same names.  Masters of the Rennaissance period, these artists gave Italy the credentials it holds today as one of the leading artistic meccas in the world.

Variety of Art Schools in Italy

Today, Italy is home to some of the leading artistic schools and institutions in the world.  As the field of art has changed and morphed with the development of humanity, Italy has kept pace with these changes.  Today, hopeful art students can find schools dedicated to almost every artistic venture imaginable.  Italy boasts schools devoted to:

  • Graphic Design, including computer and technological design aspects and instruction
  • Photography, including film schools, abstract photography, and realism
  • Sculpture, traditional and modern
  • Painting, in a variety of different media
  • Modern Art
  • Fashion Design
  • Music, including classical, popular, and modern
  • Poetry
  • Theater
  • Writing

Design School In Italy

There are hundreds of design schools in Italy with different approaches, techniques and requirements for acquiring a degree.  Many of the Italian schools of design are taught in English by experienced and knoweldgeable instructors.  The programs vary in length from one year to four year programs.  Students can learn about graphic design in Italian institutions equipped with the latest technology and advanced methods.  Students can also choose to study interior design at a wide variety of internationally acclaimed institutions.  Because of the rich emphasis Italy places on its artistic heritage, students are guaranteed to get a top-class education from instructors who are the leading experts in their particular field.  The quality of education received at an Italian Design School is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Photography School In Italy

Photography is quickly becoming a highly coveted artistic talent in today’s world.  Photographers are used in journalism, media, books, internet websites, magazines, and almost every other kind of print media in existence.  Photography is changing quickly with the digital revolution, and students seeking the best education in photography will find it in Italy.  Photography, in Italy, is considered a specialization, and students can find four-week photography classes for under 500 euros in Italy.  These classes pair intense instruction periods with beneficial practicum sessions.  Upon completing an Italian photography course, you will find your knowledge of photography has drastically increased.

Fashion Design School in Italy

While Paris, France may be the fashion capital of the world, Italy is not far behind.  Italian designers have a reputation for producting beautiful and ingenious creations in the field of fashion.  Students looking for a superb education in fashion design will find it in Italian Fashion Design institutions.  Many of the courses are taught in English by the best and most successful designers in the world.

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