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Best Art Instruction Schools: How to Find the Best Art School for You

art instruction schools

Hundreds of art instruction schools exist. Discover the best art schools, both online & campus programs, and learn how to turn your passion into a career.

If art is your passion and you are considering trying to pursue art as a full-time career, then your task of finding the best art schools is only beginning.

There are many ways you can go about it, from of course searching for art school online; to asking your guidance counselor or someone else who has already obtained a degree in art.

It is likely that your art school teacher could even point you in the right direction.

Choosing Between Art Instruction Schools

If you dream of becoming an artist, a top rated art school will help guide you down the right path. But where do you start?

College fairs are another good place to go for information on the best art schools.  It’s fun to walk up and down the aisles of the many universities and colleges that are represented there, and you will certainly meet a lot of people.  However, not all of the best art instruction school candidates will be represented there, so this is not the only place to search.  One of the nicest aspects of attending a college fair is the ability to have face-to-face interaction with the art school representatives.

Finding Art Instruction Schools Near You

Just as you would evaluate the many aspects of choosing a program and school for obtaining a degree and higher education, knowing what to look for in an art school poses a few questions you should ask.

Find out these 7 questions to narrow down the best art instruction school:

  • Is the art school accredited? Having accreditation means the art school has passed the industry and peer review of the school’s educational standards. (NASAD) The National Association of Schools of Art Design is the US Dept. of Education’s appointed organization to oversee and evaluate art schools for accreditation.
  • How much are Tuition Fees? Can you afford to go to the art school you are considering? Even if you want to attend an Ivy League art school you must be able to pass the strict acceptance requirements and then be able to afford to go. Ask what type of scholarship or grant programs they offer to art students.
  • Art Programs and Degrees: Find out if the school offers the type of art instruction program you are considering, as well as an alternative degree just in case you change your mind. Even if it’s one of the best art schools, if they don’t offer your degree then it’s a waste of time.
  • Where is the art school located? Depending on how adventurous you are, you may want to travel to a school faraway or you could even choose one of the many great art school online options instead.
  • Do they offer Job Placement? Find out if the art institution will help you find a job in the related field of your degree upon graduation.
  • Does the art school have a solid reputation? Ask some other students who have attended what their level of satisfaction is. Also due diligence to make sure the art instruction school has a good reputation.
  • Ask about curriculum: Think of some jobs you are interested in doing after obtaining your degree. Fashion Design? Graphic Design? Animation? Sculpting or drawing? Even if you’re not sure yet, find out what the coursework entails to determine whether it will lead you closer to your goals.

Consider Art School Online: Benefits & Drawbacks

But don’t overlook the possibility of studying art right from the comfort of your own home, even if some of the big money Universities try to persuade you why their school is one of the 5 best art schools in the country.  Art is something personal and so only you know what is right for you as you listen to your intuition as guidance.

Of course there are many other questions you may wish to ask.  Only you will be able to decide how to tell what the best art school for your needs is and what will be required for you to pursue an art education.

One thing is certain: you will be one step closer to becoming an artist, which is what you truly love to do!

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