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Best Acting and Film Schools: Colleges for Future Filmmakers & Actors

acting and film schools

Are you the next Tarantino or Depp? Discover the best acting and film schools as we review colleges, academies & programs for tomorrow’s actors & filmmakers.

If you are considering a career as an actor, director, film producer, film editor, set designer, costume designer, casting director or any other crucial element to the production of movies or television, you are most likely in for a bumpy ride.  Anyone who suggests to you that the road to success in the film industry is easy and carefree is not giving you accurate advice. 

On the contrary, the road to success in film is twisted, troublesome, exhausting and frustrating.  Most actors and hopeful directors endure years and years of continued failure before catching their big break. 

Often, this big break comes in the form of a contact or relationship formed sometime during the many years of their attempt at succeeding.  Forming contacts and relationships in the film industry is an invaluable resource when trying to go from starving artists to well-paid actor or director.  The best place to find contacts that can help you land a great job in the film industry is at a school dedicated to the performing arts or the film arts. 

Acting and Film Schools

Even so, there are thousands of schools boasting film programs and acting programs.  Almost every state university in the country claims to have a renowned film program that will give you the skills required to land your dream job in no time.  Often, these claims are unfounded and untrue. 

More and more hopeful movie makers are realizing that an education in film, while great for learning crucial skills and techniques, simply won’t cut it when the rubber meets the road.  The real ticket to success is in the people you’ll meet.  The best place to meet people is, in fact, at a school for film and acting, but the place to meet the best people, is at one of the top three acting and film schools in the country.

Acting and Film Schools in New York

Some of the best acting and film schools in the world call New York City home.  New York is home to Broadway, numerous television studios, and a wealth of talented producers, directors, agents, actors and editors.  Attending school in New York is a great way to meet the people who can help you succeed in the film business. 

  • Perhaps the very best of acting schools in the world is the Juilliard School in New York City.  Juilliard holds incredible prestige in the acting community, and nearly one hundred percent of its graduates go on to secure lucrative careers in acting and film.  Unfortunately, Juilliard only accepts about twenty students each year into its competitive acting program.  These odds are often a hefty deterrent to hopeful applicants.  However, there are hundreds of other schools in New York City that would be viable alternatives to the prestigious Juilliard School.
  • The Tisch School of the Arts is another renowned school located in the bustling metropolis of New York City.  With a student population of over forty thousand, your odds of getting accepted at Tisch are much better than your odds at Juilliard.  The instructors at Tisch School of the Arts are top-notch, boasting a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion that is communicated daily to its students.  Students who graduate from Tisch walk away with an assortment of valuable contacts that will assist you in your career search as an actor or director.
  • While not located in the state of New York, Yale University in Connecticut is just a quick train ride away from the bustling streets.  Yale itself is home to thousands of successful actors and the acting program at Yale is considered to be one of the best in the United States.

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