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2 Day Film School Reviews: Insider Look at 2 Day Film School Programs

2 day film school

Considering a 2 day film school program? Read our reviews & learn if the 2 day film class can work for you like it did for Quentin Tarantino & Spike Lee.

Many hopeful filmmakers know the value of attending a well-known, accredited film school.  Unfortunately, with the economy slumping and the job market growing more and more dismal each day, most Americans simply cannot afford to go to school full-time.  Others consider attending school part-time while holding a job but balk at the prospect of being in school for up to eight years! 

Many discouraged high school graduates put their dreams of a successful career in the film industry on hold indefinitely and end up regretting that they were never able to truly pursue a dream.

Thankfully, full-time or part-time university courses are not your only options for learning about the filmmaking industry.  All it takes is an individual who knows the business, has a passion for shaping new minds and communicating his or her knowledge to interested people, and has a class that is offered that won’t take up a lot of valuable time.  That person exists, and his name is Dov Simens. 

Dov Simens’ 2 Day Film School

For more than ten years, Dov Simens has been working as a film instructor all over the United States.  Dov Simens has a wealth of knowledge about the filmmaking industry and has dedicated his life to sharing this information with hopeful filmmakers, directors and even actors.  Surprisingly, his course is only two days long.  Nevertheless, this course is packed to the brim with valuable information that will benefit anyone who is considering a career in the film industry.

Many famous actors and directors are former students of Dov Simens and readily testify to the amazing results and information communicated in this brief course of study.  Quentin Tarantino one of the most successful and influential directors of the day is a graduate of Dov Simens’ 2 Day Film School.  Christopher Nolan, who recently gained worldwide renown with his new Batman film franchise and the blockbuster hit Inception, is also a graduate of Simens’ forty-eight hour film school extravaganza.

With a success list as lengthy as Dov Simens’ you know you are receiving a quality product and top-of-the-line interactive instruction.  Dov tours around the country, so you aren’t obligated to pack up for a weekend and purchase an expensive flight to the opposite coast.  His website details the specific dates and locations of his two day course, and tickets are available for purchase online.

2 Day Film School Review

You may be thinking that an educational program that only takes two days to complete cannot possibly have lasting effects on your career as a filmmaker.  However, Dov Simens has perfected a method of instruction that packs the greatest punch in the smallest possible package.  He knows how valuable your time is, and he won’t waste it like many accredited institutions by requiring you to attend boring lecture after lecture where very little information is truly absorbed.  Because of the quality of the content he teaches, Dov Simens knows that everything he tells you will stick.  This makes his program worth more in just two days than a semester long class at a college or university.

Because the filming business is more about the people you know and not about the actual education you receive, an intense weekend taught by an industry insider helps to explain the real secrets about making it in the movie business.  The statistics of Dov Simens 2 day film school speak for themselves: in the past year, the graduates of Dov’s 2 day program have produced and sold films that total over ten billion dollars in income.  There is no school in the country that can boast a sales record as astronomical as that!

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